About Us

Located in Manypeaks, Western Australia, the Manypeaks Store was established in the 1950s, soon after the town was gazetted.

The business was initially run as a general store, providing basic products to service the needs of the small township and its growing agricultural industry.

As the farming community grew, the store evolved to stock a wider range of products and services.

Today, the local agricultural industry consists primarily of mixed cropping and livestock, and as such we stock a range of ag-chemicals, fertiliser, animal health supplies, stock feed, fencing, water tanks/fittings and hardware.

The business also has a community post office and fuel station, as well as a range of groceries, alcohol and ready-prepared foods and fresh coffee.

Well supported by the local community, we act as an important hub for the small town and the store is often used as a social meeting point.

Located centrally on the South Coast Highway, the business services an area extending in a radius of approximately 50km from the store.